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World Food Program Partner Hydroponic Farm in Kyaaka II

World Food Program Partner Hydroponic Farm in Kyaaka II

My children can now learn how to grow hydroponically. This setup was given to us as a donation from ShareYourself and we appreciate their generosity. We will use it to grow simple leafy vegetables.

Joan & family

Adong women group is comprised of 8 women. They contributed funds to start a commercial hydroponic farm that gives them leafy vegetables to sell on Ugandan streets and earn an income. The initiative has changed their lives completely.

Adong Women group

Meyer is an expatriate living in Uganda who has used hydroponic farms to grow her herbs and spices in Kololo Uganda.


Agnes is a smallholder Strawberry farmer. She has been able to utilize her backyard through use of hydroponics to supplement her income.

Namaganda Agnes

I now have vegetables to eat at home for my family. I am planning to raise money and get a big one for growing vegetables for sale.

Muhamade Rashid

Thank you Hydroponic Farms.  My house has enough food and some money. As a single mother, I have been able to get enough food for my  daughter and sale the balance for some money that helps me daily.

(Muhirwa Shirley /Hydroponic Farms User)

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