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Company ownership

Hydroponic Farms is a privately registered business entity in Uganda.


Our Mission

“Our mission is to empower urban communities to grow their own food and increase agricultural yields throughout all seasons, through the production and distribution of Hydroponic Farms”.

Our Vision

Our Vision

“Transforming agriculture to secure a sustainable future for food, nature and vulnerable communities”.


Our Core Values


We will take responsibility for our area of influence as if this were our enterprise. We will commit to excellence.


We will walk the talk. We will be committed to a consistent, honest, and reliable way of action.


We appreciate other people with their own cultural identities. We embrace differences.


We will provide the full information required. We will communicate openly and sincerely. We appreciate the feedback.


Our team includes;

• CEO/Director

• Head of Operations

• Agricultural engineer

• Software developer

•  Research and Training officer

• Business developer


We have a passionate team with various expertise. Our team members have a diverse background with expertise as agronomists, engineers, project managers. The Team is able to manage the business from operations, sales, financial management, administration, and leadership.

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