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We sell complete hydroponic vegetables systems to suit the needs of every individual or community. Vegetables grown hydroponically are generally healthier than their soil grown counterparts. They receive a balanced diet and are free of soil borne pests and diseases. Our super-efficient hydroponic vegetables units, conserve water and nutrients by preventing evaporation and runoff.

The area required to place a hydroponic vegetable garden is very small and therefore the space requirement is not an important factor in hydroponic gardening. A garden can be set up in spaces as small as 1m². Most family hydroponic gardens are any size between 10 to 20m², but one can establish a bigger garden for commercial operations.


Advantages of growing vegetable hydroponically

  • In arid regions where water is scarce, one can grow a wide spectrum of vegetables using hydroponic technology. Since hydroponic systems deliver water and nutrients directly to the plants, the vegetables can be grown together closer without starving each other, and healthier plants contribute to higher yields. By growing crops in a clean environment, under ideal conditions, hydroponics saves the cost of soil preparation, insecticides, fungicides and losses due to drought and ground flooding.
  • One is able to produce 3 – 4 times more vegetables in a shorter period than in conventional farming
  •  Plants have a balanced supply of air water and nutrients ensuring that they reach full genetic
    potential in terms of productivity
  •  As one has control over the growing conditions, production can be timed more effectively to satisfy
    market demand
    The plants are more robust and therefore resistant to pests and diseases.
    There are no troublesome weeds and stray seedlings create the need to use herbicides.
    There is reduced turnaround time between planting as no soil preparation is required
    Stable and significantly increased yields and shorter crop maturation cycle can be utilized by families with small or no yard space.

Requirements for setting up a vegetable production unit:

1. Hydroponics housing unit

We provide the service of designing and building the hydroponic vegetable production unit. It is built according to the needs of the farmer, their financial ability and their farm location. We provide the shade netting for the structure. Locally available materials can be used in the place of timber to reduce costs. Small and simple production units that can be built using timber, UV resistant plastic and polystyrene can even be placed on a balcony without any other additional requirements.

2. Hydroponics containers

Depending on the type of vegetables and the hydroponics vegetable growing method chosen, one will need to buy the necessary containers, drips and trays as appropriate. The containers hold the plant in place and contain/circulate the hydroponic nutrients. We provide a complete solution to meet your specific growing needs.

3. Seed

The farmer makes the choice about which vegetable seed variety to produce.

4. Nutrients

These are specially formulated liquid mineral nutrients required for the growth of the vegetable plant. Each vegetable requires a specific hydroponics nutrient formulation. We also supply the Hydroponics nutrients required for growing every type of vegetable.

5. Water

One needs to have a reliable source of clean (potable) water for growing vegetables

6. Introductory Manuals to Hydroponics production

We provide introductory training and a live demonstration at our farm in Kampala where you can see various vegetables growing.



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